Meet Dawn...


I have traveled a long journey to health that began holistically after several traditional medicine providers were not able to diagnose or treat my symptoms. Through this journey, I came to understand the importance of mindset and thoughts of positivity for healing internally, and the effects on the skin (aging).

As a beach babe growing up in Huntington Beach OC in the 70’s, I spent my life at the beach in and on the water. Tanning began with Coppertone, advanced to cocoa butter and Bain de Solie for the San Tropez tan… no screen or SPF around! I KNOW what it is like to age after being in the sun so much as a youth and young adult. And yet, I still want to enjoy the beach (my happy place) but now I know how to enjoy it more responsibly so I’m not trashing my skin.

Being committed to a holistic path for myself, the idea of getting a facelift to address my aging skin isn’t something I’m willing to embrace, so I can relate to others who feel this way and I offer alternative treatments to assist with aging gracefully.

I constantly seek knowledge and practice what I learn. One of my favorite things to do is to share my knowledge. From skin care treatments, to home care products, to breath work, to techniques for calming anxiety, to removing blocks from the spirit… I will share it all

Where It All Began
60 yrs Young!
Hat & SPF a MUST!!